It’s raining it’s pouring

Yesterday was a rainy day. At one point in the afternoon it was really coming down and so I told Allan we should go run around in the rain since all three kids were in naptime.

We went out and got soaking wet and had a great time. It was SO fun! We went in and dried off and got hot chocolate (the rain was cold!) and went back outside and talked some more. Allan took this picture of us so we could remember our fun afternoon together. It was kinda like a date 🙂

Weight Loss Challenge- Week 3

So I skipped week 2 of the weight loss challenge. I haven’t exercised yet but I figured I still have to take pictures and post even if I don’t want to, lol. So I’m doing week 3.
I’m buying a jogging stroller TOMORROW. I was trying to find one on craigslist to save money, but I finally saw one in Target for $100 and figured I’ll just get that one.

I gained 2 pounds, but there’s a valid reason (and it does not involve eating too much! lol), but I don’t want to share the reason on here.
So here I am, now needing to lose 22 pounds.

We did family our family picture and I have a few other pictures to share. I’ll try to do that later tonight.

I was missing the doctor

You know, since I was used to seeing the doctor once a week, going 2 weeks without an appointment seemed like too long so I went today 😛

I’ve been having terrible heartburn and stomach aches since the last couple weeks in my pregnancy so I went in to see my doctor about it. He gave me some medicine. (how many different medicines have I taken in the past 7 weeks? A lot!)

I took my kids with me because I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess. They were their usual insane selves. Brooklyn is such a spaz. I did this personality test online for her (I may have blogged about this already) and her results were under the description “performer”. Oh how true that is! She is the EXACT opposite of me in almost every way. Certainly makes life interesting.

Payson was actually the best behaved out of the 3. lol
He just hung out on my lap or in his carseat the whole time. He didn’t like hanging out in his carseat for more than 5 minutes, but that was all I needed to get examined.
Here he is in the waiting room. I think he looks JUST like my dad in this picture!

The girls always want to be weighed. They love hearing their numbers.

Sierra’s 24 lbs and Brooklyn’s 42. I weighed Payson and he’s just over 13 lbs.

Brooklyn is totally in love with Payson. I can’t say it enough- she’s just completely in love.

He likes her, too. Though she startles him quite a bit. I keep telling her if she just talks and sings to him calmy he’ll watch her face and smile a lot more.

But she likes to put her face rightnexttohis and he hates that. She also gets all crazy, in typical Brooklyn fashion, and he doesn’t like the craziness so he looks away and starts to fuss. But when she’s calm, he adores her back.

Seriously, he looks just like my dad and I LOVE it. I so should’ve named him John. lol

I had to get blood drawn to check for an ulcer.
The woman drawing my blood asked Brooklyn what her name was and then later she asked her what Sierra’s name was.
Brooklyn had been staring off into space (for a change) and absent-mindedly mumbled something that sounded like cereal. The woman started laughing, “your sister’s name is Cereal?!”.

Brooklyn snapped out of her daze and realized what she’d said and started laughing hysterically. I mean, totally uncontrollable laughter. The woman at this point was laughing just as hard as Brooklyn. It was so funny I started laughing at them laughing. Sierra, who had been sitting in her usual manner sucking her thumb, started laughing, too.

It was the most random, silliest thing, but we all just sat there laughing and then laughing more at each other laughing. Crazy to laugh so hard (the ugly laugh, you know the kind?) with a complete stranger.

Thank You Peyton!

Brooklyn LOVES the picture and the stickers. She immediately put them up all around her play room on the walls 🙂 (that wouldn’t have been mommy’s first choice of placement, but oh well).

Then we put the picture you drew on her bulletin board so she can see it every day (she seriously LOVES it). She kept giggling the whole time she was opening it up.
We printed a couple of these pictures for you in color…expect a letter soon 🙂

Oh and when she had me read Peyton’s name she said, “Peyton! That’s what the doctor calls Payson!”
Yep, everyone calls him Peyton. lol

Thank you, too…oh and seriously it was so stinkin cute how there were 5s written after Peyton’s and Brooklyn’s names. Was that Peyton’s idea? So cute!

Side note- I messed around with Sierra’s hair today and am feeling better about it 🙂

There’s a very happy boy trapped in there

Payson just cracks me up. He is such a whiny boy, but you can tell there’s a very happy baby wanting to get out.

Just now he flung himself backwards while I was holding him (why do babies do that?! Ugh), and of course my hand was behind his head, so his head hit my hand and then bounced forward and his face bumped my shoulder (does that make sense?).

Anyway, he started to cry (he’s so dramatic, it totally didn’t hurt him). And I started laughing because his bottom lip was sooo pouty. He heard me laughing and looked at my face. His pouty lip starts turning into a smile and he’s still trying desperately to start crying, but can’t help but to smile at me.
So he’s laying there whimpering, cooing, pouting and smiling all in the same 5 second span of time. It was HILARIOUS. I so wish I had gotten it on video.

Pictures from yesterday afternoon: