Brooklyn’s 5th Birthday Part 1 – Photoshoot!

Wow, there are a LOT of pictures here. You know I started the day out thinking Brooklyn was going to have a super mellow birthday. I felt guilty that I’ve been so stressed out and tired that I didn’t even plan one single thing.
I’d bought some presents and a cake and that was it. In the morning she requested a donut and lunch at McDonald’s so we did do that.

The woman at the counter at McDonald’s heard it was her birthday and gave her all 4 balloons they had there. That was sweet and Brooklyn was thrilled.

Posing with her presents. She loves doing this.

So Brooklyn

Loving baby brother.

A ten minute portrait session of the birthday girl.

Daddy’s home!! Sierra just started potty training so that’s why she’s just in panties. And I don’t let my kids out of the house in just underwear normally. lol- I didn’t realize she was just in panties until I snapped these!

Allan decided we should go out to Chuck E. Cheese for games and then Fuddruckers for dinner. Those pictures are in the next posts.

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