There’s a very happy boy trapped in there

Payson just cracks me up. He is such a whiny boy, but you can tell there’s a very happy baby wanting to get out.

Just now he flung himself backwards while I was holding him (why do babies do that?! Ugh), and of course my hand was behind his head, so his head hit my hand and then bounced forward and his face bumped my shoulder (does that make sense?).

Anyway, he started to cry (he’s so dramatic, it totally didn’t hurt him). And I started laughing because his bottom lip was sooo pouty. He heard me laughing and looked at my face. His pouty lip starts turning into a smile and he’s still trying desperately to start crying, but can’t help but to smile at me.
So he’s laying there whimpering, cooing, pouting and smiling all in the same 5 second span of time. It was HILARIOUS. I so wish I had gotten it on video.

Pictures from yesterday afternoon:

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