These are from last Sunday

There aren’t really any stories behind these pictures. I’m planning another photo excursion for tomorrow, hopefully I’ll get some good ones.

Allan gets home late most of the time and Payson is usually well into his fussy period. Because of this Allan never really sees Payson happy.
Last weekend Allan spent a ton of time with Payson and Payson didn’t hold out on the smiles 🙂

He loves his daddy.

Full of smiles

I can’t believe how much Payson smiles these days. It’s so cute that I can almost always get a smile out of him. Unless it’s between the hours of 6-10pm.

His biggest smiles are first thing in the morning when it’s just the two of us for the first couple hours. He’s also pretty smiley after his afternoon nap, especially if I slept with him. He LOVES co-sleeping. Seriously, he’ll be cranky beyond belief while I’m trying to rock him or something, but then I lay with him on the bed and his eyes instantly start drooping. Then the killer is when I put my nose to his. He is a goner at that point. haha
It’s really cute.

Yay, a new desk!

I’ve been using one of those folding tables from WalMart for a desk for the past two years. We’re trying to do a few things to make our house more marketable while we’re still living in it and the nasty table with all our crap on it seemed the first thing to need to go!

So, Allan picked out a desk for me and put it together two nights ago. I don’t have a picture of it all setup yet.

Brooklyn’s 5th Birthday Part 3 – Chuck E. Cheese!

Chuck E. Cheese!! Brooklyn was SO excited. She’s been begging to go ever since her cousin, Addy, had her 4th birthday there last year.

Believe it or not, Brooklyn was scared of Chuck E. Cheese and Sierra was loving it! Sierra gave him a hug and everything while Brooklyn refused to even make eye contact. lol

Allan’s laughing here because not only could Brooklyn not make a basket, but she couldn’t even throw the ball into the machine- it kept hitting the shoe and bouncing off.

Brooklyn’s 5th Birthday Part 1 – Photoshoot!

Wow, there are a LOT of pictures here. You know I started the day out thinking Brooklyn was going to have a super mellow birthday. I felt guilty that I’ve been so stressed out and tired that I didn’t even plan one single thing.
I’d bought some presents and a cake and that was it. In the morning she requested a donut and lunch at McDonald’s so we did do that.

The woman at the counter at McDonald’s heard it was her birthday and gave her all 4 balloons they had there. That was sweet and Brooklyn was thrilled.

Posing with her presents. She loves doing this.

So Brooklyn

Loving baby brother.

A ten minute portrait session of the birthday girl.

Daddy’s home!! Sierra just started potty training so that’s why she’s just in panties. And I don’t let my kids out of the house in just underwear normally. lol- I didn’t realize she was just in panties until I snapped these!

Allan decided we should go out to Chuck E. Cheese for games and then Fuddruckers for dinner. Those pictures are in the next posts.