Colic boy smiles

I don’t even know how to explain how weird it is to take and edit these pictures of Payson. He had one of the worst days he’s had in a while today. He cried ALL day. He wouldn’t take a binky even. Moby wrapping him worked, like always, but even in the moby wrap it took him over an hour to fall asleep!

In fact, just before I took these he was crying and I had laid him on the bed to change his clothes (he’d spit up) and I started talking to him and he calmed down. I was so surprised that he stopped crying and then he smiled a huge smile! My camera was right behind me on my dresser so I grabbed it, of course.

He is wondering why mommy tells him he’s a sweet boy when he’s totally not. lol

He attempts to talk back. He’s not very good at cooing yet, but he does get a few noises out. Noises that make mommy forget about the hours and hours and hours of crying he’d just done.

Weight Loss Start Week

I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m as self conscience as they come!

So, I want to lose 20 pounds by the time I move to Arizona on September 22nd. That gives me 9 weeks and 1 days. So just over 2 months.

I will, unhappily, post pictures and updates every Sunday. Even ::sigh:: if I gain.

Our Saturday- Week 5

Geez, I told Allan it’d only take me 5 minutes to blog, but it’s already taken me five minutes and all I’ve done is upload the pictures!
So- week 5 of our family picture- it was tough running back and forth and picking Brooklyn/Sierra up and climbing into the car with her before the 10 second timer was up! lol

Allan with a cranky Payson. I don’t know what was up with Payson today. He would wake up screaming and really fussy but when I’d give him a bottle he’d immediately fall asleep. He did that all day. I think he may be getting sick. Bummer.

We went to Sam’s Club and I took a bunch of pictures in the parking lot just because we always do big family trips to Sam’s Club and I wanted to remember it since we’re moving soon.
I was pushing the cart full of food, holding Payson in the moby wrap and I managed to change my settings while walking and pushing the cart.

Waiting her turn to be put in her carseat.

Me and Payson

Brooklyn being silly in the parking lot.

"Free" day

Allan took today off to go with me to Payson’s circumsicion appointment early early this morning. I didn’t know anything about circumsicion when we scheduled the appointment when he was tiny except that it’s all I’ve ever known for boys to have. I ended up researching it after scheduling the appointment because it just seemed so silly to give my son a procedure when nothing was wrong.

After researching it I was horrified by what I found. I read for several hours, too, and not just biased sources. Well, that’s not true, I read lots of biased sources from both sides! Along with lots of purely medical opinions 🙂
Circumsicion is definitely something I’m opposed to now!

So I cancelled the appointment when I woke up and instead we had a “free” day. We got so much done, it’s awesome, we feel like we are making some progress on our huge list of to dos.

Running errands with a newborn in your arms doesn’t make it easy to take pictures, so most of these were taken without time to change my camera settings. You’ll definitely be able to see that they weren’t good exposures. lol
I took some, though, that’s all that matters.

Allan gave Payson his first bottle of the day.

And after everyone was dressed it was time to go!

While waiting in a parking lot for Allan I put on my lipgloss.

Daddy’s girls.

Target stop.

Fluke or not, I’ll take it!

Oh my gosh today has been insane!
Yesterday I worked my butt of all day cleaning and taking care of the kids.
Today I’ve done the same except it’s been easier!
Payson has been good all morning! It’s 11am! He slept until 7am. 7am!! (He slept on my chest and woke up every 2-3 hours to eat, but still).

Then he laid there after he ate and smiled and smiled at Allan before work. Then I put him in his bouncy chair and HE FELL ASLEEP. In his bouncy chair! He usually won’t even sit in his bouncy chair!

Then he woke up 30 minutes later and I brought him in the kitchen while I finished making the girls’ breakfast. He sat quietly in his bouncy chair until it was time for him to eat. (15 minutes!)

THEN after he ate and I’d held him upright for a while I decided to just try to lay him on his side in his crib and see what happened.
He was wide awake when I put him in his crib. He didn’t have his binky.
HE FELL ASLEEP!! I’m in total shock!

I don’t know if today will be a good day and tomorrow will be bad again, but I’ll take it! I will take any normal moments I can get!

And now, because he’s sleeping by himself and the girls are cleaning their playroom I’m going to get my butt back in the kitchen and clean! I have to clean during my spare time today. This house is crazy messy (even though I swear all I do in my spare time is clean and quickly blog! lol).

Ok, during the two minutes I typed this he woke up, but I think he may go back to sleep. He fussed for a few seconds and is quiet again. We’ll see….

Hodgepodge of Payson

Payson’s been pretty good all day. Normal baby fussing, chilling out a bit in his bouncy chair, smiling at me. He just fell asleep for the second time in his crib. I bought a CD player and a baby lullaby CD yesterday and he LOVES it. As soon as I turn it on he gets this certain look on his face and I can tell he’s listening to it and then after a couple minutes his eyes start to close 🙂

He still spits up a TON. Most of the time he gags on it and swallows it (poor kid), but 10% of the time it comes out (which is at least 10 times a day) and even though I use bibs AND cloth diapers for burp cloths he manages to get it all over both of our clothes. Yuck. I’m sure he has silent reflux, but until I find a new doctor we just have to deal with it by holding him up most of the day and feeding him small meals very frequently.

Some random pictures from today and some from last night (the bath pictures).

He loves bathtime.

He also loves being snuggled up in a towel after. If I hold him all cuddled against me he’ll just stare up at my face, occasionally sucking the towel if it touches his mouth 🙂

I took him outside again to get pictures. I didn’t do a very good job. I’m just not “feeling it” lately with photography. I need to get some sleep or something to get my photography brain back.

I do really love this picture:

3 sleeping kiddos

There was a ten minute span of time today when all three kids were asleep! It took me forever and lots and lots of effort, but it happened. I snapped this of Sierra, who’d fallen asleep on me.

She woke up when I laid her down on my bed, but she laid there sucking her thumb for another 15 minutes. So- in the next picture there are TWO kids sleeping in the laundry (Sierra’s near the top). lol (Yes, I had two more loads to do today, but I’m finally caught up! At least until tomorrow that is…)

ah, and now there is only one kid sleeping. Sierra is awake and Payson is squealing for some food. He literally sounds like a baby pig sometimes when he cries. Better go feed him!

Hmm, just more snapshots

It’s hard taking pictures when you have a baby in your arms most of the day.
This morning before Allan left for work I snapped these.

Today while we were doing some schoolwork (review mostly) Brooklyn decided she really wanted to write Sierra a letter. She kept telling Sierra not to look, that it was a surprise. She was so excited to give it to her.

Goofy girl.

Sierra loves this toy piano the girls have. She always walks on her toes (in fact I need to ask her pediatrician about that!), and so I had to take a picture of the way she was sitting here! So funny and so “Sierra”.

5 loads of laundry today. Half the time I had Payson in the moby wrap while I folded, the other half he slept in the midst of it all. lol