Mommy’s Boy

Honestly, how can he not be? I take care of him 99% of the time and a lot of that time I’m even wearing him. He’s attached to say the very least. lol

Allan’s parents are in town and they took us out to eat last night. Allan’s dad thought it was sweet that I wear Payson all the time and wanted to take a picture of me and him, so he did. I think he did an awesome job. I love having pictures of me with my boy, especially while wearing him since that’s how we are most of the time.
I have some other pictures to share too, but no time right now. Hope you’re all having a great weekend.

*Day 3 of Payson being good. That new soundtrack CD really does the trick- he’s sleeps three times as much as he used to.


We moved the playroom into the study so that the girls wouldn’t keep waking Payson up all day (his crib was on the other side of the wall shared with Sierra’s room).

They love it. They especially love their new train table.

Kinda journally ahead, you’ve been warned 😀
Payson is on day 3 of being “good”. He gets cranky when he’s tired or hungry, but it’s normal cranky which is a world different than colic cranky. Normal cranky just means he wants me to hold him or talk to him or put him down for a nap.
Yesterday he slept awful again. He would fall asleep for 10 minutes and wake up crying.

I got this sound CD last night with hair dryer, vacuum, heartbeat, and rain soundtracks and he LOVES it. He took a 2 hour nap today! That’s never happened since he was born unless I was holding him in the moby wrap, and even then I think his longest nap was an hour.
He woke up and ate and I just laid him back in his crib and turned the CD back on and he’s just sitting there calmly looking around.

I don’t know if this is all just because it’s a “good” day and tomorrow or the next day will be bad again, but I’d like to at least hope it’ll continue to help him sleep.

Daddy’s Boy

The weather was awesome last night so Allan, Payson and I spent some time hanging out.
It was really too dark to be taking pictures, but I couldn’t resist.

Daddy and his son 🙂

Brooklyn loves sitting with her babies on the boppy.

My sister in law, Mary brought over some clothes she bought Payson. They’re size 3-6 mo (I have sooo few 3-6 mo clothes)- and they fit him so well! All his other clothes are so tight.

Moments before a big poop. Anyone else find it necessary to scream hysterically everytime ya gotta go?

Comments Q&A:
So….was he happy for the rest of the day?
Yep! Perfect all day 🙂

What is Brooklyn hoping to get for her big day?
She really wanted some more Littlest Petshop animals and a train table. She and Sierra both love trains and train tables and I found one on sale for $50 at Target! woohoo!!

Did I read the other post right and he slept 7 hours last night in his bed?!
He slept an hour in my arms and then 6 hours in his bed! So, 7 hours straight. Last night was actually the 4th night in a row that he slept from 10:30 to 5:30! Even when he’s a beast during the day he’s always a good sleeper between 10 and 5. He always has been, but he used to wake up a couple times between 10 and 5.

Hey, what do you have him laying on where he is holding his head up so well?
It’s just a boppy 🙂

Have you had Payson blessed yet?
We will in Arizona 🙂

He has you in him but I think he smiles like Brooklyn a little?!
Yeah, I agree, I think he has Brooklyn’s mouth.

Excuse me while I post 10,000 pictures of my baby

I just love his face so much. I know I’m the mom so I really shouldn’t say it, but he is the cutest baby ever.

I had to pee so I laid Payson on my bed.

I came out of the bathroom to this!

Brooklyn’s birthday is coming up fast- August 4th.
We went to Target today to buy her presents and boy am I glad we did- they had so many toys on clearance!

Ok, there are a couple things I wanted to respond to from the comments the last month or so.
Payson’s hair naturally goes wherever it wants to go, I don’t purposefully put it in a faux hawk, though I like the way it looks. I’m thinking about keeping the faux hawk since most of the time it dries that way.

Second thing, I think Payson looks like my side of the family. I think he looks a lot like my dad, really. His nose especially. I should ask my dad to send me a baby picture of himself to see if my hunch is right.
One thing- Payson 100% has my feet. They are like little clones of mine, seriously. I should take a picture of our feet together to shock you all. Brooklyn also totally has my feet and my hands.

Ok, so today may end up being a really good day. After I fed Payson I put him in his bouncy chair and he started falling asleep.

He did fall asleep (!) and I went in to take a picture of it, but it woke him up. He opened his eyes and saw me and looked happy. So we chatted a bit.

And here are the binkies I’ve tried with him.
While I typed this I kept talking to him (I’m holding him) and he’s just smiling away 🙂
Also he’s always loved it when I put our noses together “nose kisses”. Yesterday he was squirming in my arms and so I pulled him up close to me and put my nose to his and he fell asleep ::swoon::

No pics right this second, but had to share

Ok, so I complain a lot about how hard it is with Payson, so to be fair I need to share the little good things.

Yesterday afternoon I switched bottles from Avent to Playtex and Payson is spitting up a little less and seems less gassy. I also bought a new bouncy chair that actually works (our old one was broken and didn’t vibrate). This new one also reclines so he can sleep in it. I also bought some new binkies because Payson likes a binky, but wasn’t seeming to like the hospital one (none of my babies have liked those).

So last night after drinking 4 ounces Payson fell asleep with the new binky in my arms (without a fight) at 10pm! I held him until 10:30 and then so so so slowly laid him in his crib. He actually slept in his crib until 5:30am. This is like the most amazing thing possible.

Then at 5:30 he woke up, pooped a ton, drank 4 ounces and I laid him in his bouncy chair where he stayed quietly for an hour! I don’t know if he slept or was just looking around because I went back to bed.

Then at 7am when he started fussing a bit in his bouncy chair I went in to get him and he immediately burped. I took him back to bed with me and laid down. I didn’t give him a binky- and he fell asleep immediately! He is still sleeping now at 8:30, though he is starting to shift so I think he’ll wake up really soon.

So- maybe today will just be one of those random good days, but maybe he’ll be fussy today. Either way he seems to really like the changes (bottles, binky, bouncy chair). Even at his fussiest yesterday he didn’t fight the binky. Usually I have to rub the binky on his bottom gums for a while for him to start sucking, but not with this new binky. With the new one he starts sucking happily right away!

Just to make sure THAT wasn’t a fluke (like most things with him seem to be. lol) I tried the old binky one time and again he acted fussy and kept pushing it out with his tongue.

What’s this, what’s this?

It’s quiet everywhere.
What’s this? What’s this?
There’s magic in the air.
What’s this? What’s this?!

This “magic in the air” is all 3 kids sleeping (or going to sleep) at 7pm! Yeah, this never happens, ever!
Payson’s been sleeping for 14 minutes and I just finished putting the girls to bed. I’m pretty sure that Payson, in typical Payson fashion, will wake up in a few minutes, but this one minute of pure quiet is amazing.

Don’t wanna go to bed

Payson is fighting sleep. Yesterday between 7am and 11pm he only slept for an hour and a half total! No joke. It was really stressful.

He then slept with me in bed from midnight to 5:30. Then he ate and we went back to bed until 8am. He was up for about 3 hours this morning, refusing to sleep again. I went to Target and he finally fell asleep in the moby wrap while I walked around. He slept for an hour between driving and shopping.
Just now I’ve spent an hour trying to get him to sleep with no luck. He’s driving me crazy! I know he’s exhausted but nothing will put him to sleep- not even moby wrapping him and vacuuming! I wish that baby sounds CD I ordered would get here.

Here are all 3 of the kids before heading to Target. Poor Sierra wasn’t in a good mood.

What I see 90% of the time.

I tried to take a couple to show how big he is.

Small smile.

Edited to add: an hour and 45 minutes after posting this and he is FINALLY asleep. Now how long do you think he’ll sleep for? My guess is 10 minutes.

Smiley Boy Returns

To get these smiley pictures I was making a noise that could be described as a pig squeal. I’m not proud of it, but it worked.

This is as much of his body as I could get in the shot. Look at his fat thighs. 5 weeks! He’s only 5 weeks and he’s in size 3-6 month clothes and weighs 13 friggin’ pounds!

Payson likes to make life exciting.

Payson was even worse today than yesterday. That was a joyous surprise. Not.
He kept things even more interesting by deciding for each nap he wanted to be soothed in a different way.

First nap (length 5 minutes) the only thing that worked was holding him and rocking him with a binky.

Second nap (length 7 minutes) freaked out when I tried to rock him with a binky. Tried the moby wrap he freaked out again. Tried the swing- he fell asleep.

Third nap (length- 4 minutes and counting) tried the swing, he hated it. Tried rocking him with a binky. He hated it. Tried laying down with him on my bed- he hated it. Tried the moby wrap. He loved it and was out within 5 seconds. He is currently sleeping in the moby wrap as I type.

Hating life in his usual happy place.

Taking a catnap.

Wisely using the 5 minutes he slept to read to Brooklyn.

At least one of my children is sleeping.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could fall to sleep tonight (no doubt on the couch while bouncing Payson) and wake up and it’s 5 years later? Yeah, or even 25 years later and one of my kids has a child and I can just have the kid for a day or so and then give it back? Yep, that’s my tiny, tiny wish to the universe.