We shall call him crankypants

Because colic boy doesn’t quite work anymore. Colic brings to mind images and sounds of a screaming, inconsolable baby. Payson screams quite a bit but is not inconsolable anymore. I have quite the bag of tricks and typically the third or fourth option in the bag will work đŸ˜€
Thank goodness for technology. My very favorite soothers are (in order):

Moby Wrap
Sounds CD
Vibrating bouncy chair
Swing (he tolerates it now)
Play gym
Little People sing along CD

-If he’s in his bouncy chair or laying on his toy gym he has to have the LP sing along CD going or else he cries.
-If he’s laying in his reclined bouncy chair or in bed or in his swing he has to have the sounds CD on or he cries.
-If he is in the moby wrap I have to be walking or I have to be holding the binky in his mouth or he cries.

But if these conditions are met he is a “happy” (at least quiet) baby and if tired will fall asleep. Getting him to stay asleep is another matter. grrr

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