I seriously feel like crying

My scissors are locked in a cupboard 100% of the time for obvious reasons (Brooklyn).

Well, this week I’ve been packing up a ton of stuff for storage for when we put our house on the market next week. At one point I was cleaning the study/craftroom and had to leave to get Payson who was screaming in my bedroom.

I left the door unlocked thinking I’d go right back in. Um, no, I totally got sidetracked with a million other things.
After getting Payson back to sleep I went back to the study to start packing again. By the way, I have sewing scissors in the study in a pencil box in a drawer.

I stopped dead in the hallway where I noticed a small pile of hair.
A small pile of hair.

Oh no.
oh no
oh no
oh no

My stomach was in my feet and I literally felt nauseated as I went into the playroom to find the girls. I first looked at Brooklyn.
“Turn around Brooklyn.” She turned and her hair looked fine.

oh no
oh no, not poor little Sierra’s hair. Please not Sierra’s hair, it was JUST starting to grow longer in the front (she has scalp issues that prevent hair growth in the front)

I look at Sierra and seriously, seriously want to cry (I did cry later, too).

She totally has a mullet ::sob::

Yes, of course it was Brooklyn that cut it.

And poor Sierra looks horrible.
Not the end of the world but just so sad. Her hair takes forever to grow out and is already so thin.

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