"You’ve got your hands full."

they say.
“I really do.” I reply.

I honestly get told that every single time I go out. It’s really funny. I just nod and enthusiastically agree with them.

Today at WalMart a little old lady stopped me as she noticed Payson in the moby wrap and said, “Oh honey, at first I saw you wearing that thing and just thought you were fat, then I saw his sweet foot poking out here,” she stops to rub Payson’s foot and then continues, “you sure do have your hands full.” She is now smiling and looking at the girls who are wearing huge grins at the attention.
She turns back to look at Payson again and says, “Oh he’s just a sweet angel; you’re lucky he makes it easy for you.”

“I am very lucky.” I lie (lol) and smile back at her. She rubs Payson’s foot one more time and then says to the girls, “You two are just being so sweet for your mom. And look at your big blue eyes!” The last part is aimed at Sierra, who smiles shyly around her thumb which is almost always in her mouth if we’re shopping and most definitely if a stranger stops to talk to her.

We had such a good, full day today. This morning Payson was being quite cranky until the girls woke up and started entertaining him.

Allan or I pump Payson’s legs occasionally to help him poop and Brooklyn loves to copy us so she did it this morning.

He actually farted when she did it and she turned to tell me, “Mommy, he totally farted. I helped him fart! I totally helped him fart!”

The girls had a lot of fun playing on the couch.

“Wasn’t that so funny earlier when I farted at Brooklyn?”

I didn’t pose her or tell her to smile.

“Uh, mom, can you please turn down the sun?”

I just may print this for the girls’ room.

I loved watching them on this ride. Talk about flood of memories of riding these things and thinking life couldn’t be better- such a great moment, so very glad I had my camera with me.

We were in line forever so of course I snapped some pictures to pass time.

While taking this a sweet old lady behind me was watching and she came close and said, “Oh let me take that, dear.” She told Brooklyn to go stand by me and then shakily held up the camera to take a picture. I could tell she was aiming off but it didn’t matter- she was so cute with my big old camera in her tiny hands. lol
After she handed me the camera I peeked at the LCD and saw this:
(I love it)
She kept saying she hoped it turned out and I smiled and told her it looked perfect. She talked to me about her 7 kids and how fast it goes.

I got Payson this gym. The girls LOVE it. They love it when Payson gets new stuff. They genuinely want him to have fun and be happy.

The song turned on (if you’re happy and you know it) and both girls did this face and screamed, “The If You’re Happy and You Know it song! WE KNOW THIS ONE!”

Payson likes his new toy a lot.

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