My sister in law, Janet, had a baby two weeks after me. She and her husband Daniel named him Jonas and today was his baby blessing. Allan’s parents were in town so with that many family members present there was lots of picture taking!

First the kids were singing songs for us.

Allan’s parents. We’re going to be living close to them in just 2 months!

Joe and Drew were entertaining us. They really had me laughing.

And since all 10 cousins were together we wanted to get some pictures. I didn’t get any pictures of all the cousins because my lens is too narrow, but Mary did so I shot a bunch of random shots of the chaos that was going on 😀

There’s the newest family member on Brooklyn’s lap! Isn’t he so little??

From left to right:
(Payson not shown) Addy, Sierra (who looks like she’s on drugs), Carter, Bryce, Elena, Jaxon, Hyrum (Brooklyn holding Jonas, not shown)

There were so many cameras! It was fun.

Behind the scene helpers- Joe

Joe and Kevin
Elena (the oldest) was getting sick of the noise. lol Not only was Bryce crying, but the other little boys were screaming. I thought it was pretty entertaining, personally.

Brooklyn was so excited to meet Jonas and even more excited when they let her hold him!

Hyrum wanting to cuddle I guess. lol

The two babies. Payson is 6 weeks, Jonas is 4 weeks (but was born 2 weeks early).

Then we got Bryce in there so we could get all 3 babies. Bryce is 10 months old.

Payson was passed around a lot of the afternoon and just slept and slept. We got home and he woke up and he was CRANKY. He was seriously doing this scream that was like a high pitched girl scream. I fed him and then gave him some colic calm. It didn’t seem to help, but it was funny how his mouth got all black.

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