Sonlight Photo Contest Photo Shoot

The company I buy my homeschool curriculum from has an annual photo contest so that they can get pictures for their catalog. I have had a post it note on my computer for MONTHS about taking school related pictures to submit and guess what? The deadline is tomorrow and I hadn’t taken one!

Allan is all about this contest since it gives you a $500 gift certificate (lol) so we gathered some school books and headed to this little pond. You all will recognize the pond- it’s one of my favorite places for pictures now. Me and the kids go there and read all the time 🙂

Allan helped me take pictures of the kids and he took a lot of pictures of me with the kids.

These pictures of Brooklyn and Sierra together make me so happy!

And then Allan took a ton of me and the girls reading!

And I just love them all!!

He’s wearing the moby wrap while reading to the girls. He was wearing Payson when he took the pictures of us.

We let the girls play for a bit.

And I got a different book to read to them and Allan snapped a few more.

After reading three books we walked around the pond to this pretty little area to hang out. The girls love it over here.

Allan stood over there while I set the exposure.

And then I read a little more to the girls while Allan snapped away.

I can’t imagine the girls loving anything more than being outside and having fun books. Outdoor lovers, book lovers. Perfect combo. lol

We put all the books away at this point to just hang out a little bit.


after I took just a couple more pictures, of course.

The girls were having a blast playing and Allan was holding Payson in the shade.

It was such a fun afternoon!!!

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