We moved the playroom into the study so that the girls wouldn’t keep waking Payson up all day (his crib was on the other side of the wall shared with Sierra’s room).

They love it. They especially love their new train table.

Kinda journally ahead, you’ve been warned šŸ˜€
Payson is on day 3 of being “good”. He gets cranky when he’s tired or hungry, but it’s normal cranky which is a world different than colic cranky. Normal cranky just means he wants me to hold him or talk to him or put him down for a nap.
Yesterday he slept awful again. He would fall asleep for 10 minutes and wake up crying.

I got this sound CD last night with hair dryer, vacuum, heartbeat, and rain soundtracks and he LOVES it. He took a 2 hour nap today! That’s never happened since he was born unless I was holding him in the moby wrap, and even then I think his longest nap was an hour.
He woke up and ate and I just laid him back in his crib and turned the CD back on and he’s just sitting there calmly looking around.

I don’t know if this is all just because it’s a “good” day and tomorrow or the next day will be bad again, but I’d like to at least hope it’ll continue to help him sleep.

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