Excuse me while I post 10,000 pictures of my baby

I just love his face so much. I know I’m the mom so I really shouldn’t say it, but he is the cutest baby ever.

I had to pee so I laid Payson on my bed.

I came out of the bathroom to this!

Brooklyn’s birthday is coming up fast- August 4th.
We went to Target today to buy her presents and boy am I glad we did- they had so many toys on clearance!

Ok, there are a couple things I wanted to respond to from the comments the last month or so.
Payson’s hair naturally goes wherever it wants to go, I don’t purposefully put it in a faux hawk, though I like the way it looks. I’m thinking about keeping the faux hawk since most of the time it dries that way.

Second thing, I think Payson looks like my side of the family. I think he looks a lot like my dad, really. His nose especially. I should ask my dad to send me a baby picture of himself to see if my hunch is right.
One thing- Payson 100% has my feet. They are like little clones of mine, seriously. I should take a picture of our feet together to shock you all. Brooklyn also totally has my feet and my hands.

Ok, so today may end up being a really good day. After I fed Payson I put him in his bouncy chair and he started falling asleep.

He did fall asleep (!) and I went in to take a picture of it, but it woke him up. He opened his eyes and saw me and looked happy. So we chatted a bit.

And here are the binkies I’ve tried with him.
While I typed this I kept talking to him (I’m holding him) and he’s just smiling away 🙂
Also he’s always loved it when I put our noses together “nose kisses”. Yesterday he was squirming in my arms and so I pulled him up close to me and put my nose to his and he fell asleep ::swoon::

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