Daddy’s Boy

The weather was awesome last night so Allan, Payson and I spent some time hanging out.
It was really too dark to be taking pictures, but I couldn’t resist.

Daddy and his son 🙂

Brooklyn loves sitting with her babies on the boppy.

My sister in law, Mary brought over some clothes she bought Payson. They’re size 3-6 mo (I have sooo few 3-6 mo clothes)- and they fit him so well! All his other clothes are so tight.

Moments before a big poop. Anyone else find it necessary to scream hysterically everytime ya gotta go?

Comments Q&A:
So….was he happy for the rest of the day?
Yep! Perfect all day 🙂

What is Brooklyn hoping to get for her big day?
She really wanted some more Littlest Petshop animals and a train table. She and Sierra both love trains and train tables and I found one on sale for $50 at Target! woohoo!!

Did I read the other post right and he slept 7 hours last night in his bed?!
He slept an hour in my arms and then 6 hours in his bed! So, 7 hours straight. Last night was actually the 4th night in a row that he slept from 10:30 to 5:30! Even when he’s a beast during the day he’s always a good sleeper between 10 and 5. He always has been, but he used to wake up a couple times between 10 and 5.

Hey, what do you have him laying on where he is holding his head up so well?
It’s just a boppy 🙂

Have you had Payson blessed yet?
We will in Arizona 🙂

He has you in him but I think he smiles like Brooklyn a little?!
Yeah, I agree, I think he has Brooklyn’s mouth.

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