No pics right this second, but had to share

Ok, so I complain a lot about how hard it is with Payson, so to be fair I need to share the little good things.

Yesterday afternoon I switched bottles from Avent to Playtex and Payson is spitting up a little less and seems less gassy. I also bought a new bouncy chair that actually works (our old one was broken and didn’t vibrate). This new one also reclines so he can sleep in it. I also bought some new binkies because Payson likes a binky, but wasn’t seeming to like the hospital one (none of my babies have liked those).

So last night after drinking 4 ounces Payson fell asleep with the new binky in my arms (without a fight) at 10pm! I held him until 10:30 and then so so so slowly laid him in his crib. He actually slept in his crib until 5:30am. This is like the most amazing thing possible.

Then at 5:30 he woke up, pooped a ton, drank 4 ounces and I laid him in his bouncy chair where he stayed quietly for an hour! I don’t know if he slept or was just looking around because I went back to bed.

Then at 7am when he started fussing a bit in his bouncy chair I went in to get him and he immediately burped. I took him back to bed with me and laid down. I didn’t give him a binky- and he fell asleep immediately! He is still sleeping now at 8:30, though he is starting to shift so I think he’ll wake up really soon.

So- maybe today will just be one of those random good days, but maybe he’ll be fussy today. Either way he seems to really like the changes (bottles, binky, bouncy chair). Even at his fussiest yesterday he didn’t fight the binky. Usually I have to rub the binky on his bottom gums for a while for him to start sucking, but not with this new binky. With the new one he starts sucking happily right away!

Just to make sure THAT wasn’t a fluke (like most things with him seem to be. lol) I tried the old binky one time and again he acted fussy and kept pushing it out with his tongue.

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