Payson likes to make life exciting.

Payson was even worse today than yesterday. That was a joyous surprise. Not.
He kept things even more interesting by deciding for each nap he wanted to be soothed in a different way.

First nap (length 5 minutes) the only thing that worked was holding him and rocking him with a binky.

Second nap (length 7 minutes) freaked out when I tried to rock him with a binky. Tried the moby wrap he freaked out again. Tried the swing- he fell asleep.

Third nap (length- 4 minutes and counting) tried the swing, he hated it. Tried rocking him with a binky. He hated it. Tried laying down with him on my bed- he hated it. Tried the moby wrap. He loved it and was out within 5 seconds. He is currently sleeping in the moby wrap as I type.

Hating life in his usual happy place.

Taking a catnap.

Wisely using the 5 minutes he slept to read to Brooklyn.

At least one of my children is sleeping.
Wouldn’t it be lovely if I could fall to sleep tonight (no doubt on the couch while bouncing Payson) and wake up and it’s 5 years later? Yeah, or even 25 years later and one of my kids has a child and I can just have the kid for a day or so and then give it back? Yep, that’s my tiny, tiny wish to the universe.

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