Colic boy smiles

I don’t even know how to explain how weird it is to take and edit these pictures of Payson. He had one of the worst days he’s had in a while today. He cried ALL day. He wouldn’t take a binky even. Moby wrapping him worked, like always, but even in the moby wrap it took him over an hour to fall asleep!

In fact, just before I took these he was crying and I had laid him on the bed to change his clothes (he’d spit up) and I started talking to him and he calmed down. I was so surprised that he stopped crying and then he smiled a huge smile! My camera was right behind me on my dresser so I grabbed it, of course.

He is wondering why mommy tells him he’s a sweet boy when he’s totally not. lol

He attempts to talk back. He’s not very good at cooing yet, but he does get a few noises out. Noises that make mommy forget about the hours and hours and hours of crying he’d just done.

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