Our Saturday- Week 5

Geez, I told Allan it’d only take me 5 minutes to blog, but it’s already taken me five minutes and all I’ve done is upload the pictures!
So- week 5 of our family picture- it was tough running back and forth and picking Brooklyn/Sierra up and climbing into the car with her before the 10 second timer was up! lol

Allan with a cranky Payson. I don’t know what was up with Payson today. He would wake up screaming and really fussy but when I’d give him a bottle he’d immediately fall asleep. He did that all day. I think he may be getting sick. Bummer.

We went to Sam’s Club and I took a bunch of pictures in the parking lot just because we always do big family trips to Sam’s Club and I wanted to remember it since we’re moving soon.
I was pushing the cart full of food, holding Payson in the moby wrap and I managed to change my settings while walking and pushing the cart.

Waiting her turn to be put in her carseat.

Me and Payson

Brooklyn being silly in the parking lot.

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