"Free" day

Allan took today off to go with me to Payson’s circumsicion appointment early early this morning. I didn’t know anything about circumsicion when we scheduled the appointment when he was tiny except that it’s all I’ve ever known for boys to have. I ended up researching it after scheduling the appointment because it just seemed so silly to give my son a procedure when nothing was wrong.

After researching it I was horrified by what I found. I read for several hours, too, and not just biased sources. Well, that’s not true, I read lots of biased sources from both sides! Along with lots of purely medical opinions 🙂
Circumsicion is definitely something I’m opposed to now!

So I cancelled the appointment when I woke up and instead we had a “free” day. We got so much done, it’s awesome, we feel like we are making some progress on our huge list of to dos.

Running errands with a newborn in your arms doesn’t make it easy to take pictures, so most of these were taken without time to change my camera settings. You’ll definitely be able to see that they weren’t good exposures. lol
I took some, though, that’s all that matters.

Allan gave Payson his first bottle of the day.

And after everyone was dressed it was time to go!

While waiting in a parking lot for Allan I put on my lipgloss.

Daddy’s girls.

Target stop.

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