Fluke or not, I’ll take it!

Oh my gosh today has been insane!
Yesterday I worked my butt of all day cleaning and taking care of the kids.
Today I’ve done the same except it’s been easier!
Payson has been good all morning! It’s 11am! He slept until 7am. 7am!! (He slept on my chest and woke up every 2-3 hours to eat, but still).

Then he laid there after he ate and smiled and smiled at Allan before work. Then I put him in his bouncy chair and HE FELL ASLEEP. In his bouncy chair! He usually won’t even sit in his bouncy chair!

Then he woke up 30 minutes later and I brought him in the kitchen while I finished making the girls’ breakfast. He sat quietly in his bouncy chair until it was time for him to eat. (15 minutes!)

THEN after he ate and I’d held him upright for a while I decided to just try to lay him on his side in his crib and see what happened.
He was wide awake when I put him in his crib. He didn’t have his binky.
HE FELL ASLEEP!! I’m in total shock!

I don’t know if today will be a good day and tomorrow will be bad again, but I’ll take it! I will take any normal moments I can get!

And now, because he’s sleeping by himself and the girls are cleaning their playroom I’m going to get my butt back in the kitchen and clean! I have to clean during my spare time today. This house is crazy messy (even though I swear all I do in my spare time is clean and quickly blog! lol).

Ok, during the two minutes I typed this he woke up, but I think he may go back to sleep. He fussed for a few seconds and is quiet again. We’ll see….

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