Hodgepodge of Payson

Payson’s been pretty good all day. Normal baby fussing, chilling out a bit in his bouncy chair, smiling at me. He just fell asleep for the second time in his crib. I bought a CD player and a baby lullaby CD yesterday and he LOVES it. As soon as I turn it on he gets this certain look on his face and I can tell he’s listening to it and then after a couple minutes his eyes start to close 🙂

He still spits up a TON. Most of the time he gags on it and swallows it (poor kid), but 10% of the time it comes out (which is at least 10 times a day) and even though I use bibs AND cloth diapers for burp cloths he manages to get it all over both of our clothes. Yuck. I’m sure he has silent reflux, but until I find a new doctor we just have to deal with it by holding him up most of the day and feeding him small meals very frequently.

Some random pictures from today and some from last night (the bath pictures).

He loves bathtime.

He also loves being snuggled up in a towel after. If I hold him all cuddled against me he’ll just stare up at my face, occasionally sucking the towel if it touches his mouth 🙂

I took him outside again to get pictures. I didn’t do a very good job. I’m just not “feeling it” lately with photography. I need to get some sleep or something to get my photography brain back.

I do really love this picture:

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