Sunday Snapshots

Brooklyn was telling him,
“Payson, you are such a big baby! You are just such a big boy! You made mommy’s tummy so big! Yeah, you did!”

Brooklyn always asks Allan to feed her food to her. Since he isn’t home much he does as a special time.

Something’s bothering Payson. I don’t know what, but something.

He is one month old today. One month with the little man and he sure has learned how to rule the house. lol

We’re all all about feeding and dressing babies around here. I would show a picture of Brooklyn getting her baby dressed in Payson’s clothes but she was in panties and I’m too lazy to blur it.

I have one trick up my sleeve for this little guy. Put him on his stomach when he’s tired and he’s out within minutes. Then I very carefully roll him onto his side and voila! he sleeps! Too bad he won’t do that at night.

Super jump!

I had Allan snap a couple of me with the kids.

Yeah, we all look a little homely, but hey, it’s the weekend! (As if we look better during the week. ha)

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