4 Weeks Old

So Payson has been fussy all day today. Not “colic” fussy, though. I think he’s constipated because he’s grunting and pushing like crazy and nothing’s coming. lol

My mom got him this cute little outfit. I love the stripes on the bum. She sent one in yellow, too 🙂

Since Payson will take short naps now the girls and I spent some time doing school work today. Brooklyn loved it and was begging for more when we finished- which is good because I think we’ll start up with school stuff again now that Payson has short stretches of time napping or laying calmly on my shoulder.

Some more questions..
If you don’t print many if that of your pictures, does that mean you don’t scrapbook?
I haven’t really scrapbooked for 2 years. I’m “over” it- I’m into photo books now (from Blurb).

Please tell me your secrets to losing the weight so quickly after Payson’s birth.
Get really sick.
Seriously I got two infections and have had gall bladder issues. It’s not been fun, but I am glad the weight’s dropping off.

And lastly that I can think of,
do you only use the 50mm lens? or are there others that you use?

I only use my 50mm lens. I have a kit lens that I use once or twice a year.

I noticed you said you read a bunch of books on photography…can you recommend any good ones to me?
My favorite was Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. The rest were good, too, but really nailing exposure is the hardest part to learn in photography and that book helps and is very easy to understand.

Can you tell me what products and what you do to get your hair to look so great?
Oh gosh, I really don’t think my hair looks great ever! It’s frizzy and not cute most of the time. When I do fix it up I use Herbal Essences totally twisted products.

I don’t remember what you said your daughter needed surgery for, but if you ever have any kind of hospital stay questions, I’d be glad to help if I can.
She needs to get her tonsils out. We’ll probably schedule her surgery for sometime early next year.

One more question… How do you upload to photobucket? I tried to make my images larger but when I upload to blogger my computer uses picassa. I don’t see the same html when I click the edit html tab. Do I have to use photobucket to be able to resize my images?
I don’t know anything about picassa or uploading directly to blogger. It’s easy to upload to photobucket, though. You make an account and then when you log in there’s a box that says “select files” and when you click that it opens a screen with all your picture files showing and you simply pick which pictures you want to upload and then press “open”.
It’s easier than it sounds, once you start an account you’ll see it’s very self explanatory.
Once you have them uploaded in photobucket you copy the link below the picture and paste it straight into your post.

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