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Here are a few questions and answers. I’ve decided what I’ll do from now on is answer them at the end of the next post I make. So if anyone were to ask me a question today I’d answer it next time I post. I think it’ll be easier to keep up that way. I always feel bad when I don’t answer questions because I forget them.

1) Do you print many of the pictures you take? Someone asked me this, and I was ashamed to admit that I hardly ever print a photo. Just curious what you do with all of yours!
I take hundreds of pictures and print none! I’ve been meaning to for the last year, but I never do! We just moved the girls into the same room this week, though, and I have a couple pictures I want to print big for their walls.

2) Do you guys watch much TV? I don’t really remember hearing you talk about your favorite shows or anything…
We don’t watch any TV. We don’t have cable. I want cable, but we’re waiting until we move.

3) What do you have in mind for Brooklyn’s 5th Birthday? It’s coming up fast!!
I have so many ideas I’m having a hard time picking one! I’ve thought about a really fancy tea party (fairy style of course), Chuck E. Cheese, a fishing trip (she loves fishing), build a bear, a pool party, bowling, and lots of other things. I think Allan’s going to have the final say because I’m indecisive! lol

4) Last one, promise! How’s the homeschooling going? Your girls seem really smart! I know you mentioned that Sierra knows most of her letters, and that’s so impressive at her age! Just wondering what you’re doing with them right now and how it’s working out. πŸ™‚
Um, it’s completely nonexistent right now with Payson here! lol. I decided to stop during the last month of my pregnancy because I couldn’t move and then Payson is so demanding that I’m just waiting until the official school year starts to pick things back up.

How do you manage to get such lovely photos???
lol, I think my photos are quite average, but I did read a lot of photography books and tutorials when I first got my SLR. A big help is to find a message board dedicated to photography where you can learn and grow with other people interested in photography. I need to start doing that again, actually.

Beautiful header! love your work. Where did you use ideas from?
The ideas for my header? I just mess around until I get sick of messing around and then I upload it and stare unhappily at it every time I blog. lol

Are you getting closer to Brooklyn’s surgery, or are you going to wait until after the move with that?
I’m waiting until we move. I could get it done at any time, I’m just wanting everything to be calm before we decide to put her through that! I’m really dreading it, actually.

Have you lost all your baby weight already??
Yeah, actually I have. I started the pregnancy 20 lbs over my ideal, though, so I still have

That’s all for now because I can’t find the other questions and I can’t remember any of them now! I’m so scatterbrained. Plus Payson is sitting here squirming and I should be starting dinner.

I did want to give a little update on Payson..
Payson is doing better now I think because he’s on a lactose free formula. I’ve really struggled with his pediatrician since he was born. I would tell her what was going on with him and she’d write it off as “colicky” “refluxy” (she actually said refluxy. lol). And that we just needed to “wait it out” since he’s gaining weight fine.
I was like, excuse me? I’m not going to sit around and watch my baby scream hysterically for months without trying to figure something out.

So after spending some time googling I decided to try nutramigen formula. I put him on that and the second day on that he was doing better. That also happened to be a day when he had a doctor appointment and when I told her I’d switched formulas she said she was upset and told me to try this formula called gentlease (it’s reduced lactose). I put him on that and he was hysterical again for 3 days!

I switched him back to nutramigen and he was good the second day again! So after we ran out of nutramigen we used Parent’s Choice lactose free formula and he’s been mellow ever since. Well, calm compared to how he used to be, he’s still a crankybum sometimes as most newborns are.

And a random shot of Allan and Payson the other night. I love my boys πŸ™‚

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