Fixing Baby, Fixing Mommy

I took all three kids to 2 doctor appointments this afternoon. Yikes, that wasn’t pleasant.

I took Payson to his pediatrician just to get checked out since he’s still such a fussbucket and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything we could fix. She put him on a different formula and said to give him a couple weeks and she’d see him again.

I went to my primary care Dr. because of my gall bladder attacks. I’ve had 3 more since that one I posted about. After the last one, which was the worst by far, I stopped eating.
Ok, I still eat- but basically I live off of 10g or less of fat a day to prevent the attacks and it has worked, but man I’m starving.

So, my Dr. ordered an ultrasound to be done on Monday and gave me some medicine. I’m still scared to eat anything even with the medicine! That pain was worse than labor!!

I took the rest of these pictures at home, of course 🙂

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