Some of my Cute Boy!

Thanks for the compliments on the other picture I posted. I don’t have any secrets for using a white backdrop- I have some big windows in my family room and I just hang the roll of white paper off the back of my couch. The windows are facing straight on the paper.

Payson has been all smiles lately. He still cries quite a bit and spits up a million times a day (hoping to address that at my next pediatrician appointment) but even when he’s fussy he’ll smile at mommy. He totally loves me. As soon as he sees my face and hears my voice he smiles. If someone else is holding him and he’s handed back to me he smiles immediately. He is such a momma’s boy. And I so deserve him to be! ha

About time for a bottle!

I seriously feel like crying

My scissors are locked in a cupboard 100% of the time for obvious reasons (Brooklyn).

Well, this week I’ve been packing up a ton of stuff for storage for when we put our house on the market next week. At one point I was cleaning the study/craftroom and had to leave to get Payson who was screaming in my bedroom.

I left the door unlocked thinking I’d go right back in. Um, no, I totally got sidetracked with a million other things.
After getting Payson back to sleep I went back to the study to start packing again. By the way, I have sewing scissors in the study in a pencil box in a drawer.

I stopped dead in the hallway where I noticed a small pile of hair.
A small pile of hair.

Oh no.
oh no
oh no
oh no

My stomach was in my feet and I literally felt nauseated as I went into the playroom to find the girls. I first looked at Brooklyn.
“Turn around Brooklyn.” She turned and her hair looked fine.

oh no
oh no, not poor little Sierra’s hair. Please not Sierra’s hair, it was JUST starting to grow longer in the front (she has scalp issues that prevent hair growth in the front)

I look at Sierra and seriously, seriously want to cry (I did cry later, too).

She totally has a mullet ::sob::

Yes, of course it was Brooklyn that cut it.

And poor Sierra looks horrible.
Not the end of the world but just so sad. Her hair takes forever to grow out and is already so thin.

We shall call him crankypants

Because colic boy doesn’t quite work anymore. Colic brings to mind images and sounds of a screaming, inconsolable baby. Payson screams quite a bit but is not inconsolable anymore. I have quite the bag of tricks and typically the third or fourth option in the bag will work 😀
Thank goodness for technology. My very favorite soothers are (in order):

Moby Wrap
Sounds CD
Vibrating bouncy chair
Swing (he tolerates it now)
Play gym
Little People sing along CD

-If he’s in his bouncy chair or laying on his toy gym he has to have the LP sing along CD going or else he cries.
-If he’s laying in his reclined bouncy chair or in bed or in his swing he has to have the sounds CD on or he cries.
-If he is in the moby wrap I have to be walking or I have to be holding the binky in his mouth or he cries.

But if these conditions are met he is a “happy” (at least quiet) baby and if tired will fall asleep. Getting him to stay asleep is another matter. grrr

For The Wall

I’ve been wanting to take a picture of my kids together on a white backdrop since before I had Payson. I wish I could find the first picture I saw that inspired me to try it, but I can’t.
However, Jordan’s and Brenda’s recent posts reminded me of this look, so I gave it a try with my never used white seamless paper.

"You’ve got your hands full."

they say.
“I really do.” I reply.

I honestly get told that every single time I go out. It’s really funny. I just nod and enthusiastically agree with them.

Today at WalMart a little old lady stopped me as she noticed Payson in the moby wrap and said, “Oh honey, at first I saw you wearing that thing and just thought you were fat, then I saw his sweet foot poking out here,” she stops to rub Payson’s foot and then continues, “you sure do have your hands full.” She is now smiling and looking at the girls who are wearing huge grins at the attention.
She turns back to look at Payson again and says, “Oh he’s just a sweet angel; you’re lucky he makes it easy for you.”

“I am very lucky.” I lie (lol) and smile back at her. She rubs Payson’s foot one more time and then says to the girls, “You two are just being so sweet for your mom. And look at your big blue eyes!” The last part is aimed at Sierra, who smiles shyly around her thumb which is almost always in her mouth if we’re shopping and most definitely if a stranger stops to talk to her.

We had such a good, full day today. This morning Payson was being quite cranky until the girls woke up and started entertaining him.

Allan or I pump Payson’s legs occasionally to help him poop and Brooklyn loves to copy us so she did it this morning.

He actually farted when she did it and she turned to tell me, “Mommy, he totally farted. I helped him fart! I totally helped him fart!”

The girls had a lot of fun playing on the couch.

“Wasn’t that so funny earlier when I farted at Brooklyn?”

I didn’t pose her or tell her to smile.

“Uh, mom, can you please turn down the sun?”

I just may print this for the girls’ room.

I loved watching them on this ride. Talk about flood of memories of riding these things and thinking life couldn’t be better- such a great moment, so very glad I had my camera with me.

We were in line forever so of course I snapped some pictures to pass time.

While taking this a sweet old lady behind me was watching and she came close and said, “Oh let me take that, dear.” She told Brooklyn to go stand by me and then shakily held up the camera to take a picture. I could tell she was aiming off but it didn’t matter- she was so cute with my big old camera in her tiny hands. lol
After she handed me the camera I peeked at the LCD and saw this:
(I love it)
She kept saying she hoped it turned out and I smiled and told her it looked perfect. She talked to me about her 7 kids and how fast it goes.

I got Payson this gym. The girls LOVE it. They love it when Payson gets new stuff. They genuinely want him to have fun and be happy.

The song turned on (if you’re happy and you know it) and both girls did this face and screamed, “The If You’re Happy and You Know it song! WE KNOW THIS ONE!”

Payson likes his new toy a lot.


My sister in law, Janet, had a baby two weeks after me. She and her husband Daniel named him Jonas and today was his baby blessing. Allan’s parents were in town so with that many family members present there was lots of picture taking!

First the kids were singing songs for us.

Allan’s parents. We’re going to be living close to them in just 2 months!

Joe and Drew were entertaining us. They really had me laughing.

And since all 10 cousins were together we wanted to get some pictures. I didn’t get any pictures of all the cousins because my lens is too narrow, but Mary did so I shot a bunch of random shots of the chaos that was going on 😀

There’s the newest family member on Brooklyn’s lap! Isn’t he so little??

From left to right:
(Payson not shown) Addy, Sierra (who looks like she’s on drugs), Carter, Bryce, Elena, Jaxon, Hyrum (Brooklyn holding Jonas, not shown)

There were so many cameras! It was fun.

Behind the scene helpers- Joe

Joe and Kevin
Elena (the oldest) was getting sick of the noise. lol Not only was Bryce crying, but the other little boys were screaming. I thought it was pretty entertaining, personally.

Brooklyn was so excited to meet Jonas and even more excited when they let her hold him!

Hyrum wanting to cuddle I guess. lol

The two babies. Payson is 6 weeks, Jonas is 4 weeks (but was born 2 weeks early).

Then we got Bryce in there so we could get all 3 babies. Bryce is 10 months old.

Payson was passed around a lot of the afternoon and just slept and slept. We got home and he woke up and he was CRANKY. He was seriously doing this scream that was like a high pitched girl scream. I fed him and then gave him some colic calm. It didn’t seem to help, but it was funny how his mouth got all black.

Saturday stuffs + Week 5 family picture

Allan imitating Payson.

I think he was on the phone with his brother asking if they had leftover moving boxes. He didn’t, so we bought some plastic storage ones (we’re putting our house on the market ASAP)

Some of Payson who is 6 weeks now.

Brooklyn saw me taking pictures of Payson and wanted to be included.

Week 5 Family Picture

Sierra wasn’t in this one, but it’s still cute so I’m posting it, too 😀

Sonlight Photo Contest Photo Shoot

The company I buy my homeschool curriculum from has an annual photo contest so that they can get pictures for their catalog. I have had a post it note on my computer for MONTHS about taking school related pictures to submit and guess what? The deadline is tomorrow and I hadn’t taken one!

Allan is all about this contest since it gives you a $500 gift certificate (lol) so we gathered some school books and headed to this little pond. You all will recognize the pond- it’s one of my favorite places for pictures now. Me and the kids go there and read all the time 🙂

Allan helped me take pictures of the kids and he took a lot of pictures of me with the kids.

These pictures of Brooklyn and Sierra together make me so happy!

And then Allan took a ton of me and the girls reading!

And I just love them all!!

He’s wearing the moby wrap while reading to the girls. He was wearing Payson when he took the pictures of us.

We let the girls play for a bit.

And I got a different book to read to them and Allan snapped a few more.

After reading three books we walked around the pond to this pretty little area to hang out. The girls love it over here.

Allan stood over there while I set the exposure.

And then I read a little more to the girls while Allan snapped away.

I can’t imagine the girls loving anything more than being outside and having fun books. Outdoor lovers, book lovers. Perfect combo. lol

We put all the books away at this point to just hang out a little bit.


after I took just a couple more pictures, of course.

The girls were having a blast playing and Allan was holding Payson in the shade.

It was such a fun afternoon!!!