Little Things

Watching a frog on our porch after waving goodbye to daddy.

Morning snack of apples and bananas.

Watching a movie we got from the library
This morning when I went in to get Brooklyn she was playing with her littlest petshop animals. She excitedly told me, “everyone’s at Bryce’s blessing!” and continued to point out each family member. Two puppies at the front were Kevin and Bryce.
Sierra pipes in: “and there’s Daniel!” pointing to one of the animals (a turtle).
It was just funny to me.

Payson’s movements are definitely jabs now. I can see all the kicks when I watch my belly. Last night Allan laid on the floor with me and felt Payson kicking away like crazy. They were the strongest kicks he’s done yet and Allan had a huge grin on his face. It was so fun.

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