Bryce’s Blessing Day

Bryce was blessed in church today. It was so sweet.
I took pictures at Jenna’s house. There are a lot!

First, though, for family in other states I’ll tell a little bit about the day. (Scroll down to the pictures if you don’t want to hear all the details)

All of the families here went to Kevin and Jenna’s ward for Bryce’s blessing.
Don, Mary and their 3 kids
Allan, me and our 2 girls
Kevin, Jenna and their 2 boys
Daniel, Janet and their son
We were quite the group, lol.

When it came time to bless Bryce it was so special watching the 4 brothers walk up to the stand together.

It was really sweet hearing the blessing Kevin gave Bryce. The spirit was really strong. It was really needed on my part and I’m very thankful to Kevin and Jenna for having such a special day and allowing us to be a part of it.

Bryce was so good during the blessing. He is one of the happiest, smiliest babies I’ve ever met. Kevin did a little wave to the congregation with Bryce’s hand afterward while Bryce sat in his arms happily watching everything that was going on.

It was a really beautiful testimony meeting, also. So many of the testimonies shared were touching. Jenna went up near the end of the meeting to bear her testimony. I don’t want to share too much of her testimony because I think it’s personal, but it was one of the most touching testimonies of the meeting.
Allan and I both teared up and were very thankful to listen to what she said. I’m so glad she joined the family a couple years ago. I’m really happy to get to watch her and Kevin start and raise their family together.

And now the pictures 🙂

Bryce with his mommy, Jenna.

Carter loves having his picture taken. He just gives out the cutest, most natural smiles.

Sierra attaches herself to Allan when he’s home and won’t let go!

She’s such a daddy’s girl.

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