The Little Joys of Having Children

Yesterday morning while doing Brooklyn’s hair I noticed a bald spot with the surrounding hair covered in some thick glue-like substance.
I asked her what it was and she said it was “daddy’s hair stuff”. She’d tried to get it out and ended up ripping out a handful of hair in the process.

Today we finally found out what it was in her hair. It was my eyelash glue. I have fake eyelashes that I wear almost never and she found the glue for them and thought it was for hair.

As if that’s not fun enough, today in the (literally) 15 seconds that Sierra was out of her diaper (wrapped in a towel) after bathtime she crapped on the floor. I don’t think I’ve had a poo mess to deal with in over two years so I was pretty upset about it. Luckily she is over her diarrhea and back to normal poo so it was super easy to clean up. Still not fun when you’re dealing with an extreme gag reflex during pregnancy.

It would be nice to have a break…you know, a REAL weekend without work, but that never happens.

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