Barnes and Noble

Went to the bookstore to get a couple books for Homeschool.
I haven’t been to Barnes and Noble here with the kids and they LOVED it. Sierra thought the train table was the best thing ever.

Look at Brooklyn’s socks. She insists on picking them out herself and she almost always puts them on upside down so the heel part shows through her shoes.

Edited post to add:
I had a commenter say “didn’t you decide not to homeschool” (that’s not the direct quote, lol).

You’re totally right. I was planning on sending Brooklyn to school this August. I then got out of the first trimester and realized that when I’m “normal” (read: not pregnant) homeschooling is what I want to do.

I told Allan that if we have lots of kids and I have to homeschool through pregnancy it wouldn’t be possible because I can’t handle it, but since we’re seriously thinking this will be our last baby I’m not worried about that anymore.

I also decided that I’m going with a packaged curriculum (Sonlight) that puts everything together for me so that I don’t have to do all the work finding books and materials.

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