Healthy Eating?

I recently decided to put a lot of time into meal planning around here. Brooklyn’s been our picky eater since she was a toddler. Feeding her 5 times a day (3 meals, 2 snacks) has been one of the most challenging things to deal with.
I realized recently that although she is picky, what she does like is actually pretty healthy. She loves vegetables and fruit and white-flour based foods. She dislikes whole grains and meat (and basically any form of protein).

Hearing about her anemia I went online to find out what foods are high in iron (besides meat, of course). Among other things, broccoli is a good source and she loves broccoli. Nuts are a good source of iron and she likes cashews. So, with each meal she gets a bit of broccoli and cashews and I relax about her diet 🙂

While on my healthy recipe quest I stumbled upon the idea of using wheat flour. I realize this isn’t some new thing, but to me it is, lol.
I’ve tried tons of different wheat breads, tortillas, noodles, etc. I’ve disliked each one. I decided to try making my own breads, cookies, etc with wheat flour and wouldn’t you know- I LOVE it! AND here’s the amazing part, my girls love it too!

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