Goofy Faces from Silly Girls

Brooklyn begged me to braid her hair a while ago. I had a heck of a time with it! Her hair is too short and very thick so it really doesn’t work, but the beauty of having a 4 year old is she pranced around in front of the mirror after with a huge grin on her face. lol- easy to please.

First a couple pictures from their snack time.

Now the pigtails and braids…

I got new scriptures back when I was a freshman in highschool (10 years ago!) and haven’t had a new set since. My old bible was so worn the binding broke loose and I eventually had to throw it away. My Book of Mormon is actually in good condition, but so written and highlighted in that I wanted a new one to read without my old thoughts jumping in (since most of those thoughts were from when I was a teenager and I’m a mom now and it’s a whole different life).
So I ordered a new set and also got the Book of Mormon on CD for Allan’s commute to work.

I’m so excited to read through without any markings and be able to write down new ideas and insights. Though this time around I think I’ll keep a scripture notebook so that this set stays fairly clean inside.

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