Weekends Are Pretty Cool

Allan came home early Friday and Sierra wouldn’t let him put her down for quite a while. She’s totally a daddy’s girl. She pressed her cheek into his and just sat there perfectly happy.
I know Sierra’s face was filthy in that picture..Yuck, yuck…but I still love the picture of her cuddling him.

Both girls love watching Allan play his football video game. They both love football- playing it and watching it.

Brooklyn was complaining about being cold while I was getting her pajamas. I came out and saw them like this and ran to get my camera 🙂

When Allan’s home before the girls are in bed (which is rare lately) he puts Brooklyn to bed. They have a whole routine.
First he gives her a piggy back ride to the bathroom.

Then he sings her a song while he brushes her teeth.
Then he sings her songs and scratches her back in her bedroom. I come in after that and kiss her and hug her and tell her goodnight. She pretty much freaks out if the routine is changed in the slightest.

Hanging out around the house this morning.

We went to the mall to get Allan some new work clothes today.

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