Brooklyn’s surgery was cancelled for now

*This is somewhat long, I am putting details in case the grandparents want to know exactly what’s up with Brooklyn*

The specialist doctor called today to cancel Brooklyn’s surgery. The reason she can’t do the surgery right now is because Brooklyn is anemic. She has low hemoglobin levels.

First of all I’m pretty sure that Brooklyn must have Beta Thalassemia Minor since I have it and it’s hereditary. It’s very common with people from Meditarrean decent (which we are). Thalassemia causes low hemoglobin and red blood cell levels.

Hemoglobin combines with oxygen and carries it through the body to the organs. If there’s a low hemoglobin level there’s often a low red blood cell count which is called anemia.

I guess a risk of removing tonsils is bleeding. If Brooklyn were to have any bleeding problems she wouldn’t have enough red blood cells and hemoglobin to support her body’s needs.

So they cancelled the surgery until we do some more blood tests and get her blood healthier.
I have to take her in for blood tests. I’ll get all that done early next week when we’re over this cold.

I take folic acid and iron pills for my low levels. I’m assuming they’ll prescribe the same for Brooklyn if she does have thalassemia. It’s a mild blood disorder that isn’t life altering or scary. You simply need certain supplements that your body doesn’t produce on its own.

I went through my entire life until last summer without even knowing I had this disorder and I didn’t have any issues besides being extremely tired all the time (fatigue is a symptom because your organs aren’t getting enough oxygen).

So, that about sums it up. I added all the details I could think of…I even looked up everything to make sure I was giving the right information, lol. From now on if I ever refer to Brooklyn’s blood stuff I’ll just link back to this post for reference.

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