Preop Appointment

First a snap of Brooklyn playing games online:
Brooklyn gets her tonsils out next Thursday. Today was her preop appointment.
I knew she’d have to get blood taken today so I’ve been preparing her all week. I told her about how if she holds still it doesn’t hurt as much. I also told her that when she’s still she can get a chance to watch the blood go into the tubes. I told her about how the tubes curl around and the blood flows all through them.

Being curious this really excited her.
So, I nervously went to the appointment.
Both my girls LOVE visiting the doctor. They have had great Drs the last 2 1/2 yrs, so it’s like a treat to go see them.

I can happily say my prep talks this week worked perfectly. Brooklyn was excited to have her blood taken! She sat there and watched while the man inserted the needle in her arm and she sat there still as stone while he took two vials full. She liked it when she finally got to see the blood go around and round in the tube.
She’s excited about getting her tonsils out. I’ve told her it’ll be painful, but she knows she’ll talk clearer and that she’ll get chocolate milk (pediasure) and ice cream so that’s enough for her, lol.

Since she was so good I took her to McDonald’s as a surprise. She was so excited. She kept running off the play equipment to give me a hug and kiss and say, “I just LOVE you, mommy!”
She’s such an angel.

Sierra missed her afternoon nap so she was exhausted at this point in the day. She kept laying on the table to rest.

She asked me to take a picture of where they took her blood from. She’s very proud of herself for being so good and wanted to show her grandmas.

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