Happy New Year!

We spent all of New Year’s Eve with family. It was a blast.
I have a lot of pictures- they’re all really bad quality from the lack of light, but I like them just the same.

First we went to Kevin and Jenna’s house for hot chocolate and sparklers. When we were walking outside Sierra was saying, “this’ll be fun! this’ll be fun!”
She’d heard the older girls saying it.

“I just love sparkleworks” Brooklyn said when we started.

My sister in law, Jenna

My sister in law, Mary. She got a 30D for Christmas (the same camera I have).

All the kids.
From left to right:
Hyrum, Carter, Elena, Sierra, Brooklyn, Addy

Brooklyn loved watching all the sparklers, but when Don held one out for her she freaked out and wouldn’t even attempt to hold it.

The adults:
My brother in law, Kevin

My brother in law, Don


Kevin getting his son, Carter, a sparkler.

Carter loved the sparklers. I thought it was so cute how far he held them from his body 🙂

Allan took 3 or 4 sparklers and lit them together. They flared up at the same time- he thought that was pretty cool, lol

Addy with her sparkler.

After we did sparklers we headed over to Don and Mary’s house to put all the kids to bed and play games.
All the kids fell asleep! It didn’t take too long or too many tears, either. I was and still am shocked that it went well. It’s so nice that Don and Mary’s house has enough rooms that each kid gets their own.
Here’s Jenna with her baby, Bryce. As we were playing games he was falling asleep like this. So cute.

We played games until almost midnight. It was SO fun! Right before midnight we were all joking around about if we were going to make a lot of noise cheering and stuff when it hit midnight. Of course we didn’t (didn’t want to wake up all the kids), we each just kissed our spouse and said Happy New Year’s to each other 🙂 it was perfect.

Then today we went out with Kevin and Jenna to eat at Eat At Joe’s. It was fun. The kids were all good and the food was awesome and super filling.

Sierra was playing with Allan near the end and when it came time to pay he put her down so he could sign the receipt. Sierra went into a mini fit. He picked her back up and started making silly faces at her and she immediately smiled. I didn’t get a picture of a big smile, but you can see in this storyboard she is starting to smile already within seconds.
I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve as well. I’m excited for 2008!!

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