Jenna’s House

Me and the girls went over to Jenna’s this morning to hang out. I brought my cameras along for Jenna to play around with since her camera broke and eventually she’s going to buy a new one.

She took some of these and I took some. We had a lot of fun. It was cute how much Carter loved having his picture taken.

Healthy Eating?

I recently decided to put a lot of time into meal planning around here. Brooklyn’s been our picky eater since she was a toddler. Feeding her 5 times a day (3 meals, 2 snacks) has been one of the most challenging things to deal with.
I realized recently that although she is picky, what she does like is actually pretty healthy. She loves vegetables and fruit and white-flour based foods. She dislikes whole grains and meat (and basically any form of protein).

Hearing about her anemia I went online to find out what foods are high in iron (besides meat, of course). Among other things, broccoli is a good source and she loves broccoli. Nuts are a good source of iron and she likes cashews. So, with each meal she gets a bit of broccoli and cashews and I relax about her diet 🙂

While on my healthy recipe quest I stumbled upon the idea of using wheat flour. I realize this isn’t some new thing, but to me it is, lol.
I’ve tried tons of different wheat breads, tortillas, noodles, etc. I’ve disliked each one. I decided to try making my own breads, cookies, etc with wheat flour and wouldn’t you know- I LOVE it! AND here’s the amazing part, my girls love it too!

Goofy Faces from Silly Girls

Brooklyn begged me to braid her hair a while ago. I had a heck of a time with it! Her hair is too short and very thick so it really doesn’t work, but the beauty of having a 4 year old is she pranced around in front of the mirror after with a huge grin on her face. lol- easy to please.

First a couple pictures from their snack time.

Now the pigtails and braids…

I got new scriptures back when I was a freshman in highschool (10 years ago!) and haven’t had a new set since. My old bible was so worn the binding broke loose and I eventually had to throw it away. My Book of Mormon is actually in good condition, but so written and highlighted in that I wanted a new one to read without my old thoughts jumping in (since most of those thoughts were from when I was a teenager and I’m a mom now and it’s a whole different life).
So I ordered a new set and also got the Book of Mormon on CD for Allan’s commute to work.

I’m so excited to read through without any markings and be able to write down new ideas and insights. Though this time around I think I’ll keep a scripture notebook so that this set stays fairly clean inside.

Some Belly

A couple of my belly.

A few of me and the girls.

Look at her face. She is so excited about Payson joining our family. She’s constantly talking to him, about him, asking me if he’s kicking, feeling my belly, kissing my belly…

Surprise, surprise, Sam’s Club.

Oh and my outfit in the pictures is courtesy of Mary. She brought over a box full of maternity clothes and I’m sooo thankful. All my shirts were getting too short.
Also, while on the subject of Mary- we ran into her at Sam’s Club. It was pretty funny. I got to see her parents who are in town and the cousins got to play for a bit in the aisles (uh, yeah and they were loud). I’m looking forward to everyone being healthy so we can start hanging out again. (The entire family here in Texas has been sick!)

And just one of the girls playing together first thing this morning.

Weekends Are Pretty Cool

Allan came home early Friday and Sierra wouldn’t let him put her down for quite a while. She’s totally a daddy’s girl. She pressed her cheek into his and just sat there perfectly happy.
I know Sierra’s face was filthy in that picture..Yuck, yuck…but I still love the picture of her cuddling him.

Both girls love watching Allan play his football video game. They both love football- playing it and watching it.

Brooklyn was complaining about being cold while I was getting her pajamas. I came out and saw them like this and ran to get my camera 🙂

When Allan’s home before the girls are in bed (which is rare lately) he puts Brooklyn to bed. They have a whole routine.
First he gives her a piggy back ride to the bathroom.

Then he sings her a song while he brushes her teeth.
Then he sings her songs and scratches her back in her bedroom. I come in after that and kiss her and hug her and tell her goodnight. She pretty much freaks out if the routine is changed in the slightest.

Hanging out around the house this morning.

We went to the mall to get Allan some new work clothes today.

It’s Always Sam’s Club

I love Sam’s Club. We all share a pretzel and drink and then go get the food we need for cheap. I love it.

I bought some jelly beans for Brooklyn for rewards for school and chores. I love that you can just give your kid a couple jelly beans and they think it’s this amazing treat.

Sierra kept laying on Brooklyn because she was tired.

Take a peek at Sierra in this next picture- she’s perfectly demonstrating her lovely 2 year old personality.